Online Education

Online Education


As the time moves on and technology is advancing all over the world we are embracing it on many different levels. There are so many views on life as far technology is concerned. From advancements in healthcare, education, communication etc. The list is endless and it will only keep maturing and getting better, faster right before our eyes. This article will tell the story of a mother who has changed her life with the help of the advancement and benefit of this modern day technology of ours. If you are a single mom, dad, business owner or aspire to win in life read this article and you will surely be inspired.

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Kathy was a single mother of two a boy and a girl, her son was autistic and her daughter was not. She had support from her family to help her out with both children, but it was still hard and a struggle all on her own. She had to leave her job to be a stay at home mom in order to be there for her son’s therapies and doctor’s appointments. This took a strain on her life and also put a big hold on many job opportunities for her.

Kathy had plenty of skills but she wanted to better herself and going back to school was what she wanted to do. With the kids schedules all over the place she could not attend a traditional institution. She looked online and came across an online institution that fit around her schedule. Once she started it was all new and fresh to her, which she had to adjust from learning online versus learning in a classroom.  There was no teacher in front of her for her to ask questions, in front of her was just her laptop and the incoming and outing emails to and from her professors, and her classmates.

This was a very big transition for her, from study groups to group projects she learned to adjust. As the days, weeks, and months passed by she was a pro at learning, working, and studying online. She paced herself and with the help of technology she wasn’t just able to do her work at home. She did it at the coffee shop with free Wi-Fi, the library, her son’s doctor’s office as long as she had her laptop and Wi-Fi service where ever she was at her school work was going to get done.

She worked hard for 2 years and graduated from her online institution receiving her Associates Degree in Human Services. Not only did she receive her degree she started her own blog sharing all her experiences with other single moms. Present day she acquired a job in the Human Service field, which works around her kid’s schedule. She continues to blog about her life experiences, and still has her support and help from her family.

Kathy utilized the modern day technology to better herself and to secure a good future for her and her family. With the help and advancement of technology she got an online education, and learned how to make use of how technology can benefit many people and change lives.

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