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2016 News & Entertainment

gossip-475029_1280What else can we say about this world full of entertainment through the eyes of our phones, tablets or any other kind of electronic devices. Our entertainment has come a long and technology has sucked is in as far as I’m concerned. Our new generation of youth are learning and educating their parents about the latest of technology.

From music, movies, news, fashion, and celebrity gossip we are always informed about the latest fad that is going on in our advanced world of technology. The real question is how much should we be informed and are we distracted with nonsense? Business owners are also on the forefront of keeping up and catering to their clients every entertainment need. The Transportation industry i.e limousine’s, charter buses are expected to stay up to date. An other industry such as catering companies need to be in the know not just about food, but other things that are entertaining.

Before technology was so advanced like it is today folks would simply read a magazine or newspaper to keep up with the world. Nobody knew about celebrities or about their personal lives, but with just one search you will find a whole site dedicated to celebrity gossip and any other kind of form of entertainment/news. Not only do we consume the info we spread around our own gossip around about what we read online, it’s insanity. We do that and decide to play god and force others into thinking if it is really true or not.

There are Pros and Cons that come with the world of online Entertainment/News. I will start with the pros yes it is always good to stay informed about relevant real time news or something positive going on with entertainment. Staying in tuned is always a plus because without technology we would not be able to stay informed about worldly events that can change our lives. Having smartphones and tablets that will one day be smarter than us will always play a big role in entertainment news, worldly news and local news it helps spread news quickly.

number-786169_1280Another pro being that it can help our youth stay informed about education, there are certain things in place that may help them in school as far as an assignment or even on a class report or project. Now let’s discuss the cons, some may love to hear about the celebrity gossip we cannot escape it. I think some of us fail to realize is that we stay engrossed about these celebrities’ lives and forget about our own. I have this friend who lives in her phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She loves to be the first person to dish out any kind of information she has found about any celebrity, or what happened locally in her town it can be sickening at times.

This is one thing I have a disdain for, how certain people let false entertainment news or local news consume them because it is at the palm of their hands. This gives regular folk the sense of god, please stop acting like you know everything! (Outburst). You would say individuals such as my friend has no life, and I would agree with you. People! you have to put your phone or tablet down for a bit to interact in the world. Instead of finding out who Drake is dating now, or why Kim K is getting so fat in her second pregnancy go out and open a business create something of value. In my opinion that is the way technology should be used and leveraged, not to give you the false sense of authority on celebrity gossip or the next “2012”.

I will be the first one to tell you there is nothing wrong with wanting to know about what’s going in world, but remember to stay connected to others in the world. Instead of always being connected and gossiping about those you don’t know inside the cyber world. I advise those folks to grow, create and produce something of value on a high level.

Use Technology, don’t let it use you.